Meetings are in reverse chronological order.

Spring 2023

Synthesis Meetings

  1. The SmartNIC [slides]
  2. Cluster Computing [slides]
  3. Out of Order Execution [slides]
  4. CPU vs. GPU [slides]
  5. Intro to Pipelining [slides]
  6. Building the LC3 Microprocessor [slides]
  7. The Memory Hierarchy [slides]
  8. Intro Meeting [slides]

Paper Discussion

  1. Optimized Encryption for Flexible Processors [slides] [paper]
  2. CoLT [slides] [paper]
  3. Solving Systems of Equations in a Single Step [slides] [paper]
  4. Elastic Cuckoo Page Tables [slides] [paper]
  5. Pipeline Gating [slides] [paper]
  6. TensorDimm [slides] [paper]
  7. Tailored Page Sizes [slides] [paper]
  8. PointAcc [slides] [paper]
  9. Transactional Memory [slides] [paper]
  10. Row Hammer [slides] [paper]